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Guard Center



  • View and manage all of your operations and all of your staff, all in real time.
  • Control workflow, be aware of risks, and correctly deploy resources.
  • Offer transparency and accountability to your clients today, and go above and beyond their expectations.

Site Plan

  • Help your staff learn and easily navigate through the most complex facilities and routes.
  • Reduce training expenditures by increasing information availability and accessibility – drawings, photos, comments…do it all.
  • Both your clients and your staff will appreciate this handy feature.


  • Organize all information related to guards’ duties and responsibilities in a most efficient and convenient way.
  • With information so easily accessible and visual, your employees can make informed and appropriate decisions.
  • Reduce forgetfulness, procedural confusion and non-compliance.


  • Using the built-in NFC technology – guards are able to scan patrol tags using a smartphone!
  • Tag every important location on the site that guards must visit or any important asset that they must check during their shifts.
  • Set all the necessary instructions or reminders for each checkpoint to ensure guards’ duties are adequately completed.


  • Real time information on shifts started and ended, checkpoints scanned, tasks completed, and much more.
  • Avoid lost information and track all activities across all your sites.
  • Find any historical information you need with just a few clicks.

Email notifications

  • Communicate accurately and frequently to become more accessible, and virtually present at your operations.
  • Send emails to your clients using data and real time statistics to show them just how competent your service is– less procedures for your employees, smoother information flow.
  • Automatically email critical alerts to designated recipients.

What our clients say about us and our product

about their cooperation with us:

Vick SinghAnderson Blake Security
We made a very wise move by purchasing Guard Center – by demonstrating their technology and how our excellent security staff work on it, we were able to unseat several large service providers, who found they are suddenly facing a new environment, with expectations they were not ready for. We are extremely thankful for the remote and on-site support of the Guard Center team in presenting the software to our clients.
Michael DimkovskiKnights On Guard Protective Services
We have been using Guard Center for more than two years.  This platform has all the functionality we could have asked for. Our clients are of a broad spectrum, and it was a challenge finding a product that addresses various, sometimes conflicting needs. The automation that Guard Center uses follows a clear logic and is fantastic at delivery. We are able to operate a more agile, tactical team and it’s great. It really is.
Vitaly VelichkoA1 Security Group
Before Guard Center we had to rely on the pen, which is mightier than the sword, but is no comparison with a 21st Century smartphone. The technology that Guard Center has developed has opened up new business opportunities for us and our clients are very impressed with the service and data driven results. Thank you Guard Center.
Igor CuckovicProbe Investigations & Security Services
It didn’t take long for the benefits of Guard Center to be seen across our entire operation. Finally we are able to seamlessly and efficiently control all of our sites from a single point. This leaves us more time to develop our business, safe in the knowledge that our guards are performing their tasks, which results in a happy and confident client.
Bryon JohnsonStryon Public Safety & Security
We are very fortunate to have partnered with Guard Center and deployed it on our sites. Our clients have been able to use our reports and logs in a much better way, and now access them on their own! Our guards enjoy the front-end user experience and we are delighted to feature Guard Center on our company’s website and promotional material.

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What is Guard Center?

Guard Center is a cloud-based professional business software platform created specifically for the security industry. Developed with extensive input from experts in the field of security services, Guard Center is designed to help automate and optimize all operations of the contemporary guarding company. With Guard Center, it is now easy to organize and monitor your entire workforce, as well as create detailed reports for both internal and external use. And Guard Center is a powerful in-the-field tool as well. By helping managers, supervisors, and guards do their jobs better, both in the office and on-site, Guard Center assures maximum satisfaction for your valued clients.

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