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keyboard_arrow_right View and manage all of your operations and all of your staff, all in real time. keyboard_arrow_right Give your scheduling managers an easier platform to track work hours, book-offs, and sign-ins – no more confusing, bulky, error-ridden software. No more invoicing and pay disputes! keyboard_arrow_right Control work flow, be aware of risks, and correctly deploy resources – all in one screen. keyboard_arrow_right Offer Transparency and Accountability to your clients today and let them be in as much control of operations as they need.

Site Plan

keyboard_arrow_right Help your staff learn and easily navigate through the most complex facilities and routes. keyboard_arrow_right Reduce training spend by increasing information availability and accessibility – drawings, photos, comments…do it all. keyboard_arrow_right Both your clients AND your staff will appreciate this handy feature.

Information Instructions Post orders

keyboard_arrow_right Replace tired, outdated, dusty binders with real-time updates facility manuals, Post / Standing orders, and client protocols. keyboard_arrow_right With information so easily accessible, your employees access it more regularly and you reduce forgetfulness, procedural confusion and non-compliance.


keyboard_arrow_right Set up regular or ad-hoc tasks with exact description, voice memos and pictures. keyboard_arrow_right Track your employee’s task completion performance without follow-up calls and additional email communications.

Info Boards

keyboard_arrow_right Allow your employees to easily share all the important information about events, changes, and emergencies at their work locations. keyboard_arrow_right With this feature we are telling you – kiss your pass-on books goodbye!

Email notifications

keyboard_arrow_right Communicate better and be more easily accessible, and virtually present at your operations. keyboard_arrow_right Send emails to clients and configure them as recipients – less procedures for your employees, smoother information flow.

What our clients say about us and our product

about their cooperation with us:

Michael DimkovskiKnights On Guard Security
We have been using Guard Center for more than two years. This platform has all the functionality we could have asked for. Our clients are of a broad spectrum, and it was a challenge finding a product that addresses various, sometimes conflicting needs. The automation that Guard Center uses follows a clear logic and is fantastic at delivery. We are able to operate a more agile, tactical team and it’s great. It really is.
Vick SinghAnderson Blake Security
We made a very wise move by purchasing Guard Center – by demonstrating their technology and how our excellent security staff work on it, we were able to unseat several large service providers, who found they are suddenly facing a new environment, with expectations they were not ready for. We are extremely thankful for the remote and on-site support of the Guard Center team in presenting the software to our clients.
Bryon JohnsonStryon Public Safety
We are very fortunate to have partnered with Guard Center and deployed it on our sites. Our clients have been able to use our reports and logs in a much better way, and now access them on their own! Our guards enjoy the front-end user experience and we are delighted to feature Guard Center on our company’s website and promotional material.

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What is Guard Center?

Guard Center is a cloud-based professional business software system created specifically for the security industry. Developed with extensive input from experts in the field of security services, Guard Center is designed to help automate and modernize all operations of the contemporary guarding company. With Guard Center, it is now easy to schedule, organize and monitor your entire workforce, as well as create detailed reports for both internal and external use. And Guard Center is a powerful in-the-field tool as well. By helping managers, supervisors, and guards do their jobs better, both in the office and on-site, Guard Center assures maximum satisfaction for your valued customers.

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