Differentiate Your Security Company

Higher Profitability
Use automation for accurate time and activity tracking, and reduce operational costs which all add up to your bottom line

Increased Productivity
Save time and increase efficiency by helping your security workforce complete their tasks
faster and better

Competitive Edge
Leverage the power of Cloud and real-time technologies to provide your clients with better security services and keep them loyal and happy

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Real-Time Monitoring
Be pro-active, control your guards and supervisors' activity in real-time, respond quickly to incidents, and get validation for task completion

Hold your entire security workforce accountable by monitoring and validating their daily activity quickly and easily under one digital platform

Improved Compliance
Ensure and validate that your security workforce is meeting all Health and Safety standards and regulations required by your company

Training Tool
Save time by using the Guard Center app as a training tool for your guards and supervisors, providing all the information required to do their work

Easy to Operate

Benefit from a user-friendly and easy-to-operate web and mobile software platform without a need for special hardware or infrastructure


Move away from pen and paper-based operation to a digital platform, reduce waste and help the environment at the same time

Take Your Security Business to The Next Level

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