A Complete Digital Solution for Your Company

Activity Map

Have access to your entire workforce location and status of site activity in real-time through an interactive map

GPS Tracking

Track guards' and supervisors' GPS location during their shift. Get GPS alerts in real-time if your guards are not on site

Client WEB Portal

Give your clients access to site activity reports through a user-friendly web portal as proof of the great service your company is providing

Activity Logs

Analyze detailed activity logs to evaluate the performance and productivity of your guards and supervisors and make better decisions

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Real-Time Monitoring

View and manage your guards and supervisors in real-time from one screen to control security operations and resolve issues quickly


Get real-time validation for guards' activities and location on site by using the Guard Center app to scan NFC or QR checkpoints


No more pen and paper log books; using the Guard Center app, your guards can create notes in digital format with photos and videos


Enable your guards and supervisors to create isecurity patrol tracker in digital format with photos you can easily share with your clients

Email Notifications

Send real-time email notifications to managers, supervisors and clients about important events and activities

Mobile Units

Monitor the activity and performance of your mobile teams in real-time when they use a car to visits client’s sites to do their daily tasks


Monitor and validate your guards and supervisors task completion process in real-time without the need to make any follow-up calls

Guard Tours

Improve on-site performance by monitoring completion of guard tour in real-time using the Guard Center mobile app to scan QR or NFC tags

Offline Working

Enable your guards and supervisors to work in offline mode using the Guard Center app when there is no internet connection

Site Plan

Provide your workforce with building floorplans and visual data in digital format to easily navigate the site plan during their shift

Time Tracking

Automate employee’s time and attendance tracking. Get easy access to accurate and detailed employee timesheets and reports

Cloud Storage

Guard Center software and our clients' information is stored securely, using Amazon, the world leader in web and cloud services

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